Misadventures of a Magician’s Son

Middle grade book for ages 8-12.

Twelve-year-old Alex was taught illusion by the best. MISADVENTURES OF A MAGICIAN’S SON is the story of Alexander Finn’s personal journey dealing with the death of his father, a celebrated magician, and the extraordinary gift he left behind.

Uprooted from his childhood home for the seemingly hokey town of Orchard, Maine, Alex refuses to unpack and wants nothing to do with his new surroundings. But when he discovers an unusual deck of animated cards tucked in the back of his father’s old desk, things begin to unravel and Alex’s true adventure begins.

Whether you’re a budding magician, a pro, or if you just love stories about the endless possibilities magic can offer, Alex’s heartfelt yet unexpected misadventures will take you on a journey you will never forget!