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WOW! Congratulations to all the Winners and Honorable Mentions of the #50PreciousWord contest. I am thrilled that my entry FIREFLY was selected and included with such wonderful, heartfelt and hilarious finalists.

If you want to read all the marvelous entries, click on the link above, scroll down and enjoy! 

Thank you again, Vivian Kirkfield and your team, for all the energy and support you continually give the picture book writing community!

FIREFLY by Laurie Smollett Kutscera
(50 words)

Emelia caught a firefly,
And for a moment
It felt like she held the moon.

“You are perfect,” she whispered.
Its amber light cradled between her fingers.

And then, she let it go.

It hovered close, as if to say, “You are perfect too!”
Then flew into the summer night.


Cathy Barnum

This is so heartwarming. So like a child. Stay in touch with that inner child and let her continue to inspire you!
Delightfully sweet!


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